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jotheshowho [userpic]

Pilot....2nd Chance...Cancellation. In that order.

May 26th, 2007 (02:17 am)

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I have been glued to my computer screen watching too many shows, and not once did one of my favorite shows get canceled.

Until this season. I had about 19 shows on my watchlist, and after the 2007 Upfronts, that list has been trimmed to 12.

A little rundown of good TV that apparently didn't deserve a chance in today's Hollywood:

Six Degrees (ABC)
Perfectly nice show, perfectly fine cast, perfectly fine writing. Perfectly failing ratings, god knows why. I blame reality TV. Ever since the discovery of reality shows, all other programming is poisoned by it.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC)
I will say just one thing. This show could have been great, but not in the US. And NBC execs are morons.

Jericho (CBS)
Why oh why? That season finale was probably the best season finale of this year. 8 to 9 million viewers every week. For what joyful purpose was this show given the boot?! Why do these network executives continue to think that a 4 month hiatus is a good way of luring new viewers? Really, I wonder. As far as I can tell, this show is receiving the largest amount of fan support yet, with an amazing peanut campaign to boot!

The Black Donnellys (NBC)
So, they put Studio 60 on hiatus to air TBD, because of the high production cost. Then TBD tanks in the ratings and they decide to cancel it and put back Studio 60. Then later, they still get rid of Studio 60 to air a whole new bunch of unoriginal pilots this fall. NBC is on crack.

Standoff (FOX)
Great chemistry between the main characters, the whole cast even. But no, again they put it on hiatus for a decade before letting it vanish into thin air.

So no, I am not impressed with broadcasting networks this year. Not at ALL. And what do we have to look forward to next season?

Lawyer shows.

Cop shows.

The 70's.

Even more reality garbage.

There is not one show that's got me rooting for it. Not one. And that is a first in my 8 years of being a Show Ho.

jotheshowho [userpic]

Primetime TV saddles up for Fall 2007!

May 14th, 2007 (11:42 pm)
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Listening to: The beautiful sound of Friday Night Lights!

Ah, this time of year...it's like Christmas for me. Upfront week is here! Where the sound of a renewal is like the first present that you open, while your favorite show's cancellation is as horrifying as most Christmas dinners.

NBC starts off by cancelling Studio 60. Needless to say, I detest NBC. They once had Friends, and ever since that was over, the network sucks. Big time. The one and only good thing they have accomplished this year is this wonderful show called Friday Night Lights. Even better was when they actually renewed it, despite the low ratings.

Until they announced it's new timeslot. I can't even say it.

But, as the day progressed, network executives were reassuring:

"I've literally been asked 100 times, why isn't 'Friday Night Lights' on Friday nights," Reilly said. "The mystery is over... This feels like a place we can leave the show let it be an appointment show for years."

Yes, keep it around for many years. Screw the ratings. What are ratings nowadays anyway?

What really gets to me though is that a show like Crossing Jordan, which has been on the air for 6 years now, gets canceled now that Tim Kring booked his success with Heroes. And the worst part? The fans of that show do not even get a decent series finale. That, in my humble opinion, is a crime against television. No forget my humble opinion, I am downright TELLIN' you that it is.

If CSI ends in a similar way, I am personally flying out there to give them a piece of that humble opinion. And don't you think for one second that I am kidding. I have done it before.

So that was NBC's fall schedule. That, plus the reincarnation of The Bionic Woman (Studio 60 got canned for THAT?!) and a show called Lipstick Jungle. Any show bearing that title cannot be a success.

More bitching about the Upfronts tomorrow! ABC is presenting tomorrow. That means I have to suffer through the PRivate Practice announcement. God I hope that show will tank, so that Addison can go back to Grey's.

jotheshowho [userpic]

Why am I up?

April 24th, 2007 (10:09 am)

It is bloody 10 a.m.

I have the day off.

I ain't goin' nowhere.

Chris won't be here until 2.

WHY am I up?

jotheshowho [userpic]

"I'll tell you WHAT!"

April 23rd, 2007 (06:35 pm)
current location: Home. Chair.
Listening to: Nuthin'

I love me some House-quotes. Not even House, really. Hugh Laurie quotes I ought to say. Couldn't think of a title and this is what came to mind. I can only say, you'd have to have seen it.

Today was what feels like the umpteenth day of shooting. Joanna the actress is now done, finished, finito and I congratulate myself on a job well done ;) Whether it actually WAS well done, shall have to remain to be seen. Ha!

I'll tell you WHAT else is also well done. Me. Not rare, not medium, WELL DONE. Fried to the bone is what I am. At the moment, I am the kind of steak nobody likes to eat.

Speaking of steaks, I am so unbelievably starving right now, I might actually even enjoy a bite out of THAT! 'Nuff said.

Unlike Joanna the actress, Joanna the director is not done. I have ONE lousy scene left to shoot, which I have to drag my well-done ass (wtf?) out of bed for tomorrow. But, it needs to be shot, so that is what I shall do.

Joanna the editor, now SHE is in rare condition. She is not nearly fried enough. She's got three more days left in the pan. I'm taking the long journey to school on Wednesday and maybe even Thursday so I can work there. I get nothing done at home, because I've got the attention span of a toddler. On Thursday it'll have to be done, so I can shove it in my teacher's mailbox and be through with it.

When that happens, I can start my week of absolute bumming. Bumming like you've never seen before. Gonna out-bum myself. And that's a good thing because guess what, it's May Sweeps and that means all my shows are that much more boeiend even. Finales are just around the corner and I plan to stay in bed all week watching them. Spring vacation ROCKS.

Before any of that happens though, I have GOT to eat. I refuse to move a muscle until I have a plate in front of me. No utensils necessary even, I will literally shove it in there like the pig we all know I am.

jotheshowho [userpic]

Summer is just around the corner...

April 15th, 2007 (06:37 pm)
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Listening to: Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man

27 degrees, looking three weeks of no school, a full day of shooting, and a spring blockbuster movie. Who could possibly ask for more?

If only every day was like this one!

Waiting for V to bring me the food now. After that I gotta get on my ubercool moped-thing, wearing white pants! That'll be....an experience. We're gonna go see this movie called 'Shooter'. IMDB thinks it's ok, so I'll go.

Other than that, my shoulder is KILLING me at the moment. Which is weird because I haven't been using the computer at all.

Anyway, I gotta go. Gotta enjoy the heat and doing nothing, because after tomorrow it's back to cold, rainy, responsible living!

jotheshowho [userpic]

Late Night Bitterness...and couscous

April 6th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

current location: Bed

Chris'  latest DeviantArt Journal post inspired me to conjure up some bitterness. As always, I have plenty of things to express with a slight bitter undertone. Where to start even?

Oh I know! How about the fine little tale of my apartment building and it's unwelcome smells? My toilet has been reaking of gasoline all week. I was clueless as to where this stench was coming from, until this morning, when I discovered the evildoers. This morning I was getting ready for my bladder emptying session and guess what. I walk into the toilet room, expecting the lovely awakening smell of gasoline, but instead my nose was terrorized by the smell of.....you'll never guess it....


Couscous, that disgusting substance the turkish people shove down their throats, EVERY. CHANCE. THEY. GET. It's bad enough that I have to smell that poison when I leave the apartment to go to school at six in the morning (they are my downstairs neighbors). Which brings me to my next point, does that woman cook in her sleep? Oh no, wait, I can see why she would be up at 6 in the a.m., her husband snores so loudly that MY bed starts to vibrate. And when he does, the woman has only one cd that she plays over and over again. Actually, come to think of it, she plays one SONG over and over. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On. No, his snoring will go on, and you've offcially ruined Titanic for me FOR GOOD.

And how is it possible that their stink food and gasoline smell reaches MY toilet? What, did they drill a hole in the ventilation shaft so all their neighbors can enjoy the fact that they run an illegal auto repair shop on weekdays and bake couscous all weekend? Is that like part of the culture in Turkey?! If so, please don't ever make me go there.

jotheshowho [userpic]

LJ, or no LJ? LJ, or no LJ?

March 30th, 2007 (04:31 pm)
current location: Bed

I can't seem to make a decision, can I? Hahaha! It keeps poofing and then coming back.

Well I think it's back. Deleted a lot of posts though (what kind of CRAP did I post about??)

It's Friday, 4:30 pm and my lazy self is still in bed. I SHOULD be working on Graphic Design.....or Audio/Video....or JavaScript. But no, here I am, taking procrastination to a whole new level. Anni would be proud.

By the way I think my LJ has been offline for so long, probably no one even remembers I once had one! Which is good, I guess, because too many people were reading this thing anyway.

So what's new? Well, I might get a job at the videostore, where I worked 6 days when my sis was in Las Vegas. If they can figure out which day I can work, I would make approximately 140 a month. That's 140 I can cut back on my monthly student loan. So I won't be any richer, but it helps me sleep a little easier at night.

School-wise, I can't believe it, but my freshman year is almost over! Time flies by like an F-16 pilot on XTC. WOOSH! Aside from my total lack in JavaScript abilities, I'm pretty confident about getting my 'propedeuse' as we call it here. No idea what it can be compared to in the US. Maybe a GED? I dunno.

Speaking of the US, I once had this dream of going there for a semester in my third year. Well don't worry, that was recently brutally shot down like a horse with a broken leg. I know someone who's actually going there and it's financially impossible for me to conjur up that kinda money. Also, I hate the whole idea behind it. My school has this procedure in which the idea is to send you off into the big bad world. Dude, I don't need to be prepared for the big bad world. I hitchhiked from Las Vegas to LA with some random drunk guy just so I could spend a week on the set of CSI and be a guest at the crew's villa. Please don't talk to me about the big bad world. Been there, done that, got no t-shirt but several hats. And crime scene tape.

So that's new on the school and job fronts. How about  my shows?

Let's see. I finally dumped 24. That show is utter crap, and there are only so many repetitive storylines a girl can handle. Apparently even a nuclear bomb in LA couldn't hold my attention. There's a good show taking it's place though, Friday Night Lights. I love coach Taylor. I used to watch Early Edition when I was like 14, and I liked the actor back then. Turns out I like him even more now, especially when his hair is all wtf. Hahaha!

Kristin just launched her annual Save One Show campaign a week ago. A couple of my shows are in danger of cancellation:

Gilmore Girls
I didn't vote. Because I don't think the campaign would be able to stop it from being cancelled. Alexis Bledel won't sign for another year and Heather Graham won't do it without her. I think that show is gone after this season. Which is fine, because I think this season is considerably worse than all the previous ones.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Can you say most under-appreciated show EVER? I do NOT understand why no one will watch this. NBC replaced it (for now) with The Black Donnellys. Now, I wouldn't be a decent Show Ho if I didn't check out this show as well. I must say, it's a nice show. But Studio 60 is better. If The Black Donnellys scores anywhere near the same ratings as Studio 60, it will win. Because production is less expensive. Yeah, they don't exactly have to pay stars like Matthew Perry. The star of The Black Donnellys is a kid with a slightly disappointing posture and extremely disappointing crooked face. Plus, what is that hair? No, I'll take Studio 60 over Black Donnellys any day.

Friday Night Lights
I don't think this show is really in danger. Kristin agrees with me. They'll probably get a last minute pickup. Btw, have I mentioned how much I love the camera work on this show? No? Well now I have.

One Tree Hill
Last year's campaign winner. It probably won't win twice, I think Gilmore Girls will. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled. I friggin' love this show. I wanna see them get to college! If they decide to fast forward five years, I will scream. They wanna do that to Veronica Mars as well. Total crap. But then again, Veronica Mars these days is total crap, no matter what format it's in.

Six Degrees
This will probably get cancelled. A pity, I really like it. They're trying to change things now so that the ratings will improve, but I don't think it'll work. Too bad.

So those are my endangered series. Which one do I decide to save? Well, I've mostly been voting for Studio 60, because they need it most. Every now and then I click Friday Night Lights as well.

So, you vote as well!!! For Studio 60. Why? Because I never ask you for anything.


jotheshowho [userpic]

A rundown of television

February 20th, 2007 (05:06 pm)
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Listening to: Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything For Love

I'm cleaning. No, rephrase that. By typing this LJ I am procrastinating the vacuuming, mopping, dishes and the toilet. Ah who cares, I have the entire week off. I'll do my cleaning when boredom hits a new peak. I should, however, do laundry. That is if I plan to put on underwear and socks some time this week. More importantly, I'm running out of PJ's and god knows we PJ People consider that to be the eigth sin.

I´m catching up on my shows as well. Only three more episodes of Ugly Betty and 5 more episodes of 24 to go. Then I´m all caught up. Prison Break was rather enjoyable today, Heroes was as boring as it has been for the past month or so. Some of my shows have really turned to crap, and others have gotten better. I came to this stunning conclusion when I was having breakfast in bed at 1 p.m. today. Here´s a rundown of my shows, best first, worst last:

Grey's Anatomy
Man oh man, Grey's is good. The angst! Man I love me some angst. Desperate Housewives started sucking after it's hit 1st season, Grey's is au contraire. It just keeps getting better. Just the bad press they've been getting has really damaged the show. I blame T.R. Knight for all that. As far as I'm concerned, George can be killed off. I like Callie very much, as long as she's not in a scene with George. She's badass, but not with George. With George, she's pathetic. 

This season of CSI is about 300 times better than last season. I like the storylines much better and I think Grey's ratings takeover has forced team CSI to focuse a little more on the personal stuff. Which we fans have been waiting for since "you're old school...". Finally we get personal stuff! I love it! So I must thank Grey's for begin such a big hit. CSI needed competition, in my humble opinion.

Prison Break
The only thing that bugs me about this show is the plot holes and complete lack of continuity. And in interviews they don't even try to come up with a decent excuse for it, they just...agree. So that's getting annoying. That, and T-Bag. T-Bag hasn't been cool in a long time as the sociopathic psychopathic constantly hostage-taking allround fuckup. Wrap up his damn storyline. Perfectly good characters like C-Note and Haywire get 'killed off' and we have to endure another one of T-Bag's no longer shocking ways of handling things. Other than that, I LOVE this show.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
I hate that this show's lack of ratings forced them into focusing more on the relationships rather than Studio 60. Never thought you'd hear that from me, huh? But, I have to say, they're handling it well. I hope it can get a big anough audience so that the writer's can go back to the original concept for the show. Because there was nothing wrong with that!

One Tree Hill
I watched all the episodes in like...a week. This typical high school drama is just the bomb. Don't know why I like this one, but hate The OC. They're very much alike. I love Haley/Nathan (don't those two just inspire us to believe there ARE decent men out there?), and ofcourse I'm all for the Peyton/Lucas 'ship. Brooke can go Brooke herself, the girl is starting to bug me now. But I love me some good old over the top drama and this show provides me with that fix.

The first two episodes of this show had me thinking this was gonna be cancelled before they could finish their 13 episode order. But, I kept watching and I was wrong. Love this show! I love hostage negotiations and I love all the drama that comes with the interoffice relationship. I highly recommend this show, it deserves their second season.

*sigh* Just as I was relieved the stupid cop storyline was over, they throw a Cuddy/House romance in my face! Just stalling the inevitable again. It was nice to see how the patient ended up in the hospital, it's been a while since they showed us the patient before they get into the hospital bed. All in all, House is still a sarcastic asshole and that's why I'll always be watching this show.

I wish this show would come into it's own already. It started out SO well, but it's going a little downhill. Sylar is taking all the cool powers. For instance, I liked that waitress in the diner, and I liked the mechanic lady. Obviously it's gonna come down to a Sylar/Peter showdown. After that, I hope all the Heroes will come together through Mohinder so that they can stand together, instead of stabbing eachother in the back. I still have high hopes for this one!

Ugly Betty
Whoa! Sophia's character totally transformed in just one episode! Pretty cool how they handled that though, I didn't see it coming either. Ugly Betty is different and therefor cool. The mystery surrounding Alex(is) does not interest me at all though.

The Sopranos
The Sopranos should be wrapping up soon. Great show, although I miss Adrianna (and I don't think I'm alone in that). It had a good run, and a LONG run! Most shows don't make it past their 5th season anymore, so hats off to The Sopranos.

Been a while since we got a new episode and I read somewhere that it's not coming back 'till the fall. I think that's a shame because many viewers will lose interest over such a long period of time. Not me ofcourse, but normal people will forget.

There's a reason I'm behind five episodes on this. Jack goes nuts. Jack takes torture to a whole new level. Isn't this what happens every season? I don't know why I still watch this show. The nuke going off was shocking, but then it got boring again right after. Plus, the lack of any decent romance on this show isn't helping either. That's probably why I'm not in a hurry to catch up. Aside from that, too many excellent characters died over the years and the new characters just ain't doing it for me. I miss Edgar, Michelle and Tony.

Six Degrees
I should check if it's been cancelled yet. I hope not! A lot of shows with the same concept started up last fall, and I've seen them all. But this is the only one that was able keep me interested. So I will wait patiently for new episodes and hope it makes it past it's first season.

Gilmore Girls
Good Gilmore Girls left when Amy did. Ain't that the sad truth. The whole Christopher marriage was just total crap. They tried so hard to make the audience believe that was real, but then they reveal in the press that Luke and Lorelei will come together again in the future because it's meant to be. That totally negates the credibility of Christopher and Lorelei. On another note, the meaningless interactions between characters about totally nothing were once funny. They bore me to death now.

I'm all for mysteries, I can sit through eternally entertaining unresolved sexual tension and I am generally patient when it comes to long running storylines, but this is getting rediculouuusss huhhh? I have had enough of The Others and I've had enough of the Losties not dealing with it. Get off your ass, make some weaponry and just invade the place already! Same goes for the love triangle. We all know Kate will end up with Jack at some point and I know Sawyer is just around to drag that out a little longer but COME ON.

Don't remember why I started watching this...I think I was bored out of my skull. It's a nice show. Better than the show I started watching last summer when I was equally bored out of my skull, The Closer. I will download new episodes when they arrive. I don't like the actress who plays Alice much. I also can't stop inspecting her enormous forehead, it's seriously distracting.

Desperate Housewives
I was head over heels in love with this show when it was in it's first season. The second was already a downward spiral, and this third season is just total junk. Tha't's all I va to say about that. After Veronica Mars, this one is next on my list of Shows That Are No Longer Worth An Hour Of My Time. STANLWAHOMT, if you will.

Well, that's about it. It is now too late to start my cleaning and I'm pretty sure Anni will soon enough be on a warpath to kill me about not listing CSI as my number one show! Sorry Anni, it'll have to outdo Grey's last few eps with the upcoming GSR angstyness. I will gladly revise the list at the end of this season :-)

Now I must eat. And bum.

jotheshowho [userpic]

The Toothbrush Puker

February 10th, 2007 (04:05 pm)
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From now on, that's how I'm gonna refer to my friend Chris. He puked all over my toothbrush last night. But it's ok, because he claims that he griftwrapped me a new one.

Yeah, last night was....extraordinary. We all got together to celebrate the end of hellmonth. By the way, our Sony presentation was rewarded with a 9. Don't we bloody rule?

We came at 8 p.m., started drinking at 8.30, played Pina Colada Chess at 9.30, became wasted at 10.30, puked at 11.30 and passed out around midnight. Some party, eh?!

Somewhere during all that there was the chicken walk, a Sister Act reenactment, several shots of my ass and a LOT of Tequila. Not to mention the whiny downstairs neighbour who just couldn't stand the stomping on the floor. I didn't think we were stomping, until Arina and I discovered our blue knees this morning. Oops, and ouch. Other than that, fortunately, the rest of the night is still a little fuzzy. But not to worry, there's more footage of this party than your average Oscars ceremony. I am scared to look at all the pictures and clips. Every other picture contains a shot of my ass, so that's lovely. Also, the Sister Act show (including the chicken walk and my infamous granny imitation) was videotaped. Just listening to the sound of that clip this morning made me wanna go to a foreign country and hide under a bed.

Here are the facts:

Person that was most drunk: Chris
Person that was most sober: Richard
Person that was funniest while drunk: Arina
Person that sleeps the weirdest: Rik
Person with the worst singing voice: Joanna
Person with the highest alcohol tolerance level: Dimitri
Person that was most normal: Stanni
Person who calls her boyfriend in the middle of the night to find out about Joanna's ex-boyfriend and talk about fitness: Dominique

I have a weird life. Last night has once again proven that statement.

Alltogether I probably didn't sleep any more than an hour, after which we spent 4 hours screaming "NEXT" at the person manning the music. We rather enjoyed our tea and chips for breakfast. We also conjured up a great idea titled The High Speed Moped Chase, which will be implemented in our sophomore year school project.

After those 4 hours I was able to sit up for a considerable period of time. We got dressed, cleaned up, wrote a letter of apology to the neighbour and vacated the premises. Made a pitstop at Richard's to re-fuel with some coke, before finally heading home on my barely functioning moped.

I opened my front door, discovered the mess that is my apartment and then it hit me....

I have another party tonight.

jotheshowho [userpic]


February 2nd, 2007 (01:59 pm)

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I cannot put it down any more blunt than that.

Again I have to send in my laptop for repairs that I know they won't fix. Just like last time. Even better:


I'm never buying an Acer again. This time I added a LONG list of all my complaints, including the solution to all of them. Figured I'd help them out, since the people working at the repairs center have had no education and therefor can in no way suffice to my laptop repairing needs. They could just send me the parts and I'll repair the damn thing myself.

But no. Instead, I get to wait for Unbelievably Punctual Service all goddamn day. A day I could have been spending at Stanni's place happily ignoring my schoolwork, blissfully pooring drinks down my throat and mocking my friends. But no. I have been grounded, my ass attached to this chair until UPS comes in to save me from this carpal tunnel position.

What the hell kinda time indication is 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. anyway. Do I look like a desperate housewife who spends all her time staring out the window, waiting for the hot delivery man to sweep her off her feet?

NO. I live in reality people. I have a deadline and an ugly delivery man who's cranky about having to drive all the way down from Eindhoven to pick up MY package. AGAIN!

I got up at nine this morning, only to sit here 'till 2 p.m. doing absolutely nothing. Oh no, not nothing. I'm on display on my webcam so that people can tell me every time they pop up my window I'm doing something stupid. I'm also being asked about some user interface for a cartridge refill system. My friend is currently under the dellusion that I even possibly might care about questions like that. Well I've got news for him: Fuck off with your nonsense. You're the one who gets paid to come up with these applications, not me. If you give me half your paycheck, I'll be happy to take a look.

And WHAT is this fucking music?!?!?! NEXT!

All in all, lovin' my day. Really. The only good part of my day so far is the 1 minute scene on CSI. Grissom writing a letter. That is the high of my day. How sad am I...

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